About The Yemeni March | المارش اليمني: خَيَّلت برَّاقًا لَمَع

The Yemeni March is an instrumental music cover of a centuries-old Yemeni folk melody, known as 'Khyalt Baraqaan Lamae'—meaning 'Shining Light Fantasy' in local parlance in Yemen. This iconic tune has been a cultural cornerstone, evolving through history with various poetic adaptations reflecting Yemenis' yearnings for freedom across different eras.

Beyond its documented inception, traces suggest its roots delve even deeper into Yemen's musical legacy, speculated by some sources to have transcended oral traditions since approximately 600 BC, hinted at by ancient sculptures that prominently feature musical instruments.

This rendition is part of Saber's ongoing initiative titled #Yamaniat, curated to showcase his instrumental interpretations of Yemen's rich musical heritage. Through this project, Saber aims to foster intercultural music dialogue and offer a broader audience a window into the diverse and evocative Yemeni musical legacy.

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